Combining a safe enviroment with a homely atmosphere behind bars

Every institution, whether closed or open, is unique. However, ensuring a safe environment for both clients and employees remains paramount in every scenario. At De Ridder Safe & Secure, we understand the significance of fostering a secure and welcoming atmosphere. With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our expertise, reliability, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch quality.

We are committed to:

  • The best and most sustainable range for all our customers and the people they care for
  • Quality and service are at the top of our priority list, because the care of clients is on top of yours
  • We are always ahead of the curve and on top of the latest developments in the market


Create a safe table setting

As new laws and regulations increasingly prompt us to seek alternatives to disposable plastic items in favor of more sustainable solutions, De Ridder Safe & Secure presents a diverse range of sustainable tableware, cutlery, and cups. Our offerings include options made from soft, flexible, and tamper-resistant materials, as well as those crafted for utmost durability. Each product is designed with the specific needs of its intended users in closed environments in mind, ensuring both their safety and that of the institution’s employees.

Uncertain about how to fully comply with the new directives? Connect with De Ridder Safe & Secure product experts to get clear guidelines on the path towards compliance.

Our Soft Line tableware is meticulously crafted to endure heavy usage, capable of withstanding impacts without risk of causing serious injuries. Specifically designed with safety in mind, the Soft Line tableware is ideal for (closed) institutions dealing with clients prone to aggressive behavior or self-harm incidents. Constructed from high-quality, unbreakable plastic, this cup is dishwasher and microwave safe, ensuring durability and convenience for everyday use.

Our flexible tableware is crafted from silicone, a material renowned for its resilience against chemicals, stress cracking, and its ability to revert to its original shape. Not only is silicone heat-resistant and bacteria-resistant, but it’s also recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice. Offering a blend of strength and flexibility, this tableware is virtually indestructible, ensuring long-lasting use. Its resistance to tampering enhances safety.

Our polycarbonate cups and glasses are designed to be virtually unbreakable, eliminating any risk of shards that could potentially cause harm. The polycarbonate cups and glasses maintain their shape even under high heat, ensuring durability and safety. Yet, the mugs and glasses mimic what you would see on the table at home. Additionally, the tableware is dishwasher safe and can be use in the microwave, providing ease of maintenance and convenience for everyday use.

High quality anti-tear textiles

De Ridder’s high-quality anti-tear textiles are crafted to withstand intensive use. Utilizing naturally fire-retardant fibers in their manufacturing, our garments eliminate the need for chemical treatment, ensuring safety without compromise. Even after washing, our textiles maintain their integrity, providing the safest solution for your needs. Expertly concealed stitching prevents biting, tearing, and picking behaviors and their potential consequences. Additionally, all anti-tear textiles are reinforced at key weak points in their design, guaranteeing durability and peace of mind.

The blue TOPLINE represents our standard variant of robust quality, commonly employed for disciplinary measures.

The white ECONOMIC line shares the same high-quality standards as blue but offers better visibility for detecting blood, urine, or feces.

Our yellow ADVANCE line clothing and linen boasts extra-sturdy construction, reserved for extreme cases of undesirable behavior and heightened resilience.

Mollis Furniture - introducing vandal-proof comfort

Trialed and approved in extreme circumstances. The one-piece design is water-resistant and prevents concealment of contraband. Ergonomically designed to give excellent comfort. Both body material and top layer are fire-retardant. The top layer is constructed of hygienic wipe-clean material. Certified according to fire safety standards BS 5852 and Crib 5.

The seamless  design makes Mollis furniture ideally suited for use in closed institutions such as detention centers and psychiatric healthcare facilities. Create a homely feel  without compromising on safety: you’re guaranteed a vandal-proof setup. Customize the furniture to your liking: choose the RAL colour, edge finishes, and dimensions that best suit your needs. Our product experts can advise on the best options, based on a string of success stories.

Mollis bedroom

Games and entertainment

Flex the mind with flexible solutions! De Ridder Safe & Secure offers a wide array of products for inmates to relax during downtime. Stimulate your intellect with our selection of flexible games. We all recognize the calming effect games and entertainment can have on the mind. Our silicone games offer a safe option for recreation. The collection is designed to avoid harm & assault for pretection of prison staff.

Flexibel siliconen schaakspel

Silicone chess

Fully flexible board and pieces. Even the king and queen go with the flow.

Silicone dominoes

Silicone material prevents weaponizing of the pieces.

Flexible pen

Flexible pen

Functions like a redular pen, never bent out of shape.

Flexible pencil

Flexible pencil

Draw and create to keep the mind flexible.


Maximum Security

In the realm of high-security correctional facilities, maintaining safety standards is paramount. That’s why De Ridder Safe & Secure proudly presents the Maximum Security Line—crafted specifically for institutions with strict security measures.  

Each product in the Maximum Security Line is housed in transparent packaging, providing visibility into its contents. And not only are the packages transparent, but the products themselves are also see-through, minimizing the potential for concealment. The Maximum Security line offers a comprehensive range. From toothpaste to all-in-one shower gel, shampoo, and deodorant, our line covers all essential hygiene needs. All products are available in various sizes to suit individual preferences and facility requirements. 

Choose what works best for your facility and ensure maximum security without compromising hygiene. 

Oral Health

Oral health is crucial for inmates. Maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent dental diseases such as cavities and gum disease, which can cause significant pain and discomfort if left untreated. Poor oral health can lead to systemic health issues, exacerbating existing medical conditions and impacting overall well-being. Promoting oral hygiene habits can contribute to better self-care practices and potentially improve inmates’ quality of life during incarceration.


The exo frame toothbrush is the latest innovation on oral care, preventing waeponzation.

Finger and thumb toothbrushes both with toothpaste included

Mini toothbrushes and flexible toothbrushes avaible, created to limit harm and assault.

Safe Shave

Ensuring inmates shave safely and comfortably is essential for their well-being and institutional safety. Providing access to quality shaving equipment and teaching proper techniques can help them maintain personal hygiene, boost self-esteem, and reduce the risk of skin irritation or injuries. By prioritizing these measures, correctional facilities can foster a sense of dignity and respect among inmates while mitigating potential tensions related to grooming practices.

Double coloured blades

The duo-coloured blades allow you see immediately spot a blade missing from the stack.

The see-though holder makes it  easy to see the blades, or lack thereof. 

The flexible razors have sealed-in blades and are more difficult to weaponize for inmates.

Knives out!

Are you seeking kitchen tools that prioritize safety by minimizing the risk of stabbing incidents? Our kitchen knives feature blunt tips, allowing for effective slicing and dicing while significantly reducing the potential for stabbing hazards.

Choose from a complete set or select individual items such as a Chef’s knife, standard kitchen knife, smaller potato knife, or serrated bread knife.


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